Welcome to a world where everyone can perform CPR.

Introducing CPR Wrap, a revolutionary aid that simplifies CPR down to just four steps. Be ready to act at a moment’s notice — order yours today.


CPR Wrap is lightweight and flexible, yet strong enough to endure CPR.


Step-by-step instructions make it easy enough for a nine-year-old to use.


Medical-grade plastic and a one-way mouthpiece make it sanitary and safe.

CPR Wrap

1. Order your CPR Wrap.

CPR Wrap can be purchased in infant, child and adult sizes with customized step-by-step instructions.


2. Store it anywhere.

CPR Wrap can easily be stored in your home, office or vehicle for quick access in a cardiac arrest situation.


3. Be prepared to act quickly.

In a cardiac arrest situation, place CPR Wrap on the victim's chest and follow the detailed instructions.

Help save a life today. Start by choosing a size.


How it started.

Felicia Jackson, the inventor and owner of CPR Wrap, has experienced the trauma of cardiac arrest firsthand. She was certified in CPR but froze when her toddler son stopped breathing in the back seat of her car. Thanks to the quick actions of her husband, their son survived, but Felicia learned a valuable lesson and walked away with a new mission.

Even people experienced in CPR can forget their training in stressful situations. CPR Wrap makes it possible for anyone to effectively perform CPR at a moment's notice. With over 20 years of medical experience in acute inpatient rehab, outpatient care and home health care, Felicia is applying her knowledge to make performing CPR less intimidating and accessible to everyone.

Felicia Jackson

"Emergency situations cause panic, leaving people unsure of how to help. I hope CPR Wrap empowers people to save lives."

— Felicia Jackson
Inventor & Owner

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