Are you prepared to give CPR at a moments notice?

Nearly 1,000 Cardiac Arrests occur out-of-hospital every day in the U.S.

7 in 10 of those happen at home.




Pocket-sized for on-the-go

Convenient packaging makes CPRWrap™ easy to take with you on the go so that in a moment's notice - you can save a life.

Be the Campus Hero

CPRWrap™ can empower you in the classroom when someone suddenly needs CPR. Simply attach CPRWrap™ to a key ring or carabiner on your backpack and you'll have a powerful tool by your side.

**You do not need to be certified to use, but intended for use by people trained in CPR by professionally trained personnel.


The funding from this fundraiser will provide CPRWrap Kits to families, churches, schools, daycares, new parents, and other non-profit organizations that cater to people in need.

Help us save lives with CPRWrap!